ABM Update: New sizes now available for the super popular Dynamo hand-held punch cutter.

You asked and we are delivering!

A few months ago we began offering a hand-held punch cutter for 1” buttons.  Right out of the gate we were getting requests for larger sizes.  Well, the wait is over – say hello to the Dynamo Hand-Held Graphic Punch Cutter for 1.25” AND  1.5” buttons! Continue reading

ABM Video How-To Series: Aligning and Cutting Button Graphics Using a Punch Cutter

What is as smooth as a butterfly’s flutter?
And as precise as Tiger Woods’ putter?
It slices paper like a hot knife through butter,
Ladies and gents, it’s our peerless punch cutter!

That’s right, we welcome you back to the ABM Video Series, where today we educate you on the simple process for lining up and cutting button graphics using a punch cutter.

Here are the steps, and you can follow along as you watch the video:

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ABM Video Series: How to Prepare and Cut Circular Button Graphics

Many times, button making projects involve the creation of bulk sums of buttons. Sure, every now and then you make 5-10 at a time for a small, specific purpose; but, most of the time you are making hundreds or even thousands of buttons and want to make sure that you are being as efficient as possible.

Today’s entry in the ABM Video Series aims to provide useful step-by-step info and a visual tutorial that will help you prepare circular button graphics when you are doing a bulk project.

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ABM Video Series: How to Cut Circular Button Graphics Using an Adjustable Rotary Circle Cutter

We began our video series with a quick tutorial showing you how easy it is to use a button machine to make a button. Video #2 in the series is going to show you just how easy it is to create perfectly circular graphics for your buttons using our adjustable rotary circle cutter.

Before we get to the video, a few quick highlights about the adjustable circle cutter:

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More New Improvements to the Build-a-Button Online Design Center™!

It was Ronald Reagan who said, “There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination, and wonder.”

This is exactly how we feel about everything we do at American Button Machines, including and especially the Build-a-Button Online Design Center™. And we most certainly believe that the intelligence, imagination, and wonder of our customers have no limits! (Plus we have the button submissions to prove it!)

That is why, yet again, we have made enhancements to make the greatest online graphics design tool for button makers even better.

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Make Your Own Buttons!

America is the greatest nation on earth because she is a nation infused with a spirit of action, initiative, and personal accountability. We are a nation of doers, of problem solvers, and of people who love to take matters into our own hands.

And that is why we beam with pride whenever we think about our customers, because they are a shining example of this inimitable American spirit.

Each person who buys a button machine and buys supplies from ABM could very easily find an “easier” (though not cheaper) way to get their buttons made, but they don’t. They take matters into their own hands – quite literally – and manifest the American spirit by doing it themselves.

Furthermore, many of the people who buy from us take it the next step and do more than just make their own buttons; they create custom orders for others! Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of the American economy and our button maker systems have been the foundation for many a successful small business.

Yep, we love our customers.

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Creative March Madness Idea: Pinback Button Survivor Pool

It is the final week of February and you know what that means…at least for all the sports fans out there: March Madness 2010 is just around the corner.

Even if you are not an avid sports fan, you undoubtedly are familiar with March Madness. This is the term used to describe the month-long process of conference tournaments and then the 65-team national tournament that ultimately results in the crowning of a single champion in mens college basketball.

It has been estimated that this yearly event costs businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity as employees research matchups to fill out their brackets for their office pools, check scores or watch games online, or are just generally distracted by all the talk of favorites, underdogs, upsets, and exciting moments.

So what in the world does March Madness have to do with buttons? Well I’m glad you asked.

Today, we are going give you a create idea for your office pool that – not surprisingly – involves buttons!

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Thinking Outside the Box: Selling Print-Ready Button Graphics

One of our goals with The Button Blog has always been to broaden the horizons of your button making world in a variety of ways. In addition to telling you about all of the many button varieties that are possible to make, and providing you with various resources to help you make them, we also want to present you with ideas that can help you achieve a return on the investment of time and money that you put into your button making.

This particular blog post is one of those, and today’s idea comes from Etsy, where an enterprising craft enthusiast has provided us all with a unique means of generating extra revenue by selling ready-to-print button graphics.

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ABM Template Tutorial Video Series: Copying an Individual Button Graphic Across a Single Page

Over the last several weeks, we have posted four videos designed to assist you in creating circular button graphics ready to be printed and turned into whatever kind of button your heart desires.

You can find these button making tutorials at the following links:

What each video does is show you the step-by-step process for creating a machine-ready graphic. However, what the videos don’t show you is how to maximize the space of your paper by turning one graphic into an efficiently spaced page full of as many individual graphics as will fit.

But have no fear…we’ve got you covered.

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ABM Template Tutorial Video Series: Print Shop

Welcome, loyal buttoneers (not to be confused with boutonnieres), to the fourth and final installment of our video template tutorial series, which has already shown you how to create button graphics using Photoshop, Corel Draw, and the Open Office free button making software.

Today, we venture into the digital jungles of Print Shop to go on a video safari that will show you how to create circular button graphics using this Windows-based software.

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