Back to School Tip for Teachers: Teach Business and Have Fun with…Buttons!

As you are probably aware, it is now September. This means a number of things: in most areas of the country it means that leaves will start changing colors; it also means that both college and professional football are set to begin new seasons while baseball winds another long one down; it also means that shorts and tank tops are replaced by jeans and wind breakers.

And, most importantly, it means that kids are back to school. (Hence the “B2S” in the title…our attempt to start the next “LOL” or “BTW”. So pass it on…)

Another year of school starting means that teachers across the country are looking for new classroom activities that can not only hold students’ attention but also teach them valuable lessons. For any teachers out there looking for an innovate way to teach math, teamwork, business concepts, and even simple economics, we have the perfect idea.

Yep, you guessed it: buttons! (What were you expecting? Textbooks? Ha!)

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How to Start a Button Business

Given the current economic situation, many families are forced to cut back on their spending while they try to come up with some ways to make extra income. One easy way to supplement an income for a very small investment is for a family to start their very own button making business.

The small investment for a button making system and the necessary supplies can allow an entrepreneurially minded family to easily start their own button business making pinback buttons. Pinback buttons are extremely versatile and have an enormous popularity. From campaign buttons to concert souvenirs, pinback buttons are a popular novelty item. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Button Making Makes a Great Home-Based Business Solution

Have you ever thought about starting your own home-based business? You may be surprised to learn that a nice chunk of our customer base uses our button machines and button making supplies as the means of production for their own home-based button businesses.

The purpose of this post is run down a few of the reasons why so many of many of our customers have gotten into the button making business part-time — or even full-time — from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

We know that a home-based business is not for everyone, and that making buttons isn’t the right choice for everyone considering a home-based business, but you should at least know the benefits of being your own button making boss.

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Thinking Outside the Box: Selling Print-Ready Button Graphics

One of our goals with The Button Blog has always been to broaden the horizons of your button making world in a variety of ways. In addition to telling you about all of the many button varieties that are possible to make, and providing you with various resources to help you make them, we also want to present you with ideas that can help you achieve a return on the investment of time and money that you put into your button making.

This particular blog post is one of those, and today’s idea comes from Etsy, where an enterprising craft enthusiast has provided us all with a unique means of generating extra revenue by selling ready-to-print button graphics.

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