Customer Spotlight: Fraternal Order of Police

The button below was submitted to by Michael Davis, who tell us that it was made for the Fraternal Order of Police, specifically for 2012 Mini Convention attendees.

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Brighid Brown – Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

More New Improvements to the Build-a-Button Online Design Center™!

It was Ronald Reagan who said, “There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination, and wonder.”

This is exactly how we feel about everything we do at American Button Machines, including and especially the Build-a-Button Online Design Center™. And we most certainly believe that the intelligence, imagination, and wonder of our customers have no limits! (Plus we have the button submissions to prove it!)

That is why, yet again, we have made enhancements to make the greatest online graphics design tool for button makers even better.

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Update: The Best Button Design Software Online Has Been Enhanced

As you are hopefully aware by now, we recently launched the Build-a-Button Online Design Center, which we believe is the best piece of online button making software ever. That was the goal when we set out to design it, and we continue to seek ways to improve it now that is it launched in the free beta testing period.

We are very, very, very appreciative of everyone who has taken the time to use the Build-a-Button application and leave us constructive feedback on what works, what doesn’t, what rocks, and what could be improved. Believe us when we say that we have taken your comments to heart, reading each one carefully, and that is why we want to let you know about the many enhancements – many inspired by you – that have been made to the web’s best button design software in an effort to make the Build-a-Button Online Design Center even better!

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Button University Lesson 1: Instructions For Starting a Button Making Project

Throughout the years, so many of our wonderful customers have asked us for information, tips, and tutorials regarding button making and how to use their newly purchased button machine. We are always willing and excited to answer any question whether over the phone or though email, but also have made it our goal to give you online access to as many resources as we can provide.

One of these resources is Button University. We introduced Button University in an earlier post, and now we are setting out to provide all of our loyal blog readers with the same information that our website and storefront customers receive over at the main ABM site.

So with that in mind, let’s dive right into your first lesson from Button University: step-by-step instructions for starting a button making project.

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