Make Your Own Buttons!

America is the greatest nation on earth because she is a nation infused with a spirit of action, initiative, and personal accountability. We are a nation of doers, of problem solvers, and of people who love to take matters into our own hands.

And that is why we beam with pride whenever we think about our customers, because they are a shining example of this inimitable American spirit.

Each person who buys a button machine and buys supplies from ABM could very easily find an “easier” (though not cheaper) way to get their buttons made, but they don’t. They take matters into their own hands – quite literally – and manifest the American spirit by doing it themselves.

Furthermore, many of the people who buy from us take it the next step and do more than just make their own buttons; they create custom orders for others! Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of the American economy and our button maker systems have been the foundation for many a successful small business.

Yep, we love our customers.

Make Your Own Buttons

So how can you catch the ABM customer spirit? It’s quite simple: make your own buttons.

make-your-own-buttonsFirst, you need to know what supplies are necessary to make your buttons. Well that’s easy. Just look at what is contained in each of our beginner and professional button making systems:

  • A button making machine
  • A circle cutter
  • Button supplies (of the type and number your project requires)
  • Button Graphics
  • Complete instructions on how to make buttons
  • Free technical support for the life of the machine
  • A “Lifetime Warranty” against defects

And feel free to free your mind as to what type of buttons you want make. Consider all of the following types of buttons:

And much, much, much, more!

Now, take everything bulleted above, mix it together with a creative and intrepid attitude, and you too can make your own buttons. Seriously, how easy is this?

Plus, anything that you don’t find so easy, we’ll help you with! Not only do we offer lifetime technical support, we have the Button Blog and Button University that are free resources you can use any time you need them.

The same is true with graphics and templates, both of which can be extremely helpful when you want to make your own buttons. We offer a set of templates for a variety of button making software products (see sidebar) as well as tips on free button graphics software available for you to use.

Now…Go Make Your Own Buttons!

So what are you waiting for? If you are here, you are either one of our customers already or a prospective button maker seeking more information. If you are the former, we love you! Come anytime. If you are the latter, it’s time to let your American spirit shine and take your button making matters into your own hands.

See which one of these button making systems is right for you…and join the rest of our proud button making community that sparkles from sea to shining sea!

Brighid Brown – Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM