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The Button Blog has moved to:

Hello Button makers and loyal Blog readers! A few months back we launched a brand new website chock full of improvements and filled with lots of useful information. One of the goals we have for the new site is to have all ABM related content under one roof.

Keep Calm - New Website

This week we are pleased to announce that The Button Blog can now be found on our main website bringing us one step closer to accomplishing that goal.
If you like keeping up with the latest goings on in the button industry, reading about the newest accessories available, learning the tips and tricks of the trade, you can have the Button Blog delivered directly to your email address each week. To do so just sign up for the RSS feeds at the bottom of the blog page.

Next week we’re back to our regular content when we bring you lots of very informative Button Making Facts.

Until next time, Happy Button Making!

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By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

1” Metal Flatback and 1” Medallion… How are they different?

What is a metal fatback? What is a plastic medallion button? How are they different and what can you use them for? It is confusing, why do you offer both styles?  What is a crimp die adapter used for? We get these questions quite frequently so we thought we would put together a quick history and tutorial for our followers.

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How to Make a Mirror Button

Making a mirror back button using a favorite photo or fabric is fun and very easy to do! You might have heard them referred to before as a pocket mirror or purse mirror. Our complete mirror button sets include everything you need to make a mirror back button, Mylar, Front Shell, Collet Back, Mirror Shim and Genuine Glass Mirror.

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How to Make Fabric Buttons with the Green Button Maker Machine

Did you know American Button Machines has available not one but two different types of fabric button machines? Anyone who has done research for fabric buttons knows all about the Red-n-Black Machine. But few of you are aware of the Green Machine. This beauty has been in the shadow of her super star, 2nd cousin twice removed, far too long. It is high time she steps in front to showcase her talents.

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Where can I find one button machine that makes different size buttons?

Where can I find one button machine that makes different size buttons? That’s a questions we get asked almost on a daily basis; sometimes twice in one day. So why don’t we just make one? There are actually a few very good reasons. Allow me to share with you some quality insider information.
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How to Make a Coaster Button

So what button making product is the least known to most button makers? In a single word, Coasters!

Making your own custom coaster button is fun and very easy to do! All you need are 3 items:

1. 3.5″ Button Maker

2. 3.5″ Coaster Button Set

3. 3.5″ Coaster Insert

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10 Things to Make with Fabric Buttons

Fabric covered buttons are a fun alternative to paper buttons and can be especially eye-catching.

There are lots of choices when it comes to fabric buttons; today we share 10 ideas with you:



• Embroidered pocket mirrors
• Purse hangers (using a flat back button)
• Embellished shoe charms and flip-flops
• Spruce up ID badges for nurses or teachers by adding a badge reel

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