How to Make a Mirror Button

Making a mirror back button using a favorite photo or fabric is fun and very easy to do! You might have heard them referred to before as a pocket mirror or purse mirror. Our complete mirror button sets include everything you need to make a mirror back button, Mylar, Front Shell, Collet Back, Mirror Shim and Genuine Glass Mirror.

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Where can I find one button machine that makes different size buttons?

Where can I find one button machine that makes different size buttons? That’s a questions we get asked almost on a daily basis; sometimes twice in one day. So why don’t we just make one? There are actually a few very good reasons. Allow me to share with you some quality insider information.
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Introducing the ABM Design Marketplace!

It’s here! It’s here!  It’s finally here!!

Last week we told you about our latest project, a digital graphic marketplace dedicated specifically for button makers.

Have you ever wanted to use images you found on the internet to make a button? You can experience all kinds of problems with fuzzy images, sizing issues and lets not forget those pesky copyright issues.  Yep as I’m sure you know, just because an imaget is on the internet does not give you license to use it.

Well we have a solution, The ABM Design Marketplace.  Now these are not all our images, nope we are teaming up with talented artists across the globe to bring you themed collages for your button making pleasure.

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Button Making – So Easy A Child Can Do It! [Videos]

Button making is much easier than most people think. This isn’t to say that all button machines are made equal – there are several myths circulating about certain machines – but what’s cool about our American-made machines is, even though they are designed for adult use (12 years and older), their low center of gravity and wide base allow for ease of use by buttoneers  both young and old.

To show you exactly what we’re talking about, we’ll tell you how to put together a button, in this case a pinback button, with the help of two talented button makers, Sydney and Willow.

What You’ll Need for Button Making

Before we tell you how to make a button, here is what you’ll need:

  1. An American Button Machine – our demonstrators look to be using a Model 100 1-inch button machine.
  2. A one-inch pinback button set that includes a shell, mylar, collet, and spring pin.

How To Make A Button

Once you’ve got the supplies, you’re all set to begin the button-making process.

  1. To start, create art for your button using design software or our Build-A-Button Online Design Center.
  2. Cut out your graphics. There are several tools like circle cutters and handheld punch cutters that can improve your precision and efficiency for this process, especially if you are making a large volume of buttons.
  3. Insert the shell into the button machine die.
  4. Insert the graphic with the design facing up and put the mylar on top of the graphic.
  5. Rotate the dies and put the collet into the other die.
  6. Pull the handle down once.
  7. Rotate the dies so that the collet is now underneath the upper die and pull the handle down again.
  8. Rotate the dies back around to see your button.
  9. Remove the button, insert the spring pin into the back of the button, and you’re done!

Button Making Demonstration

Our button makers already have a design created and will use the machine to create the final product. To start off, here’s Sydney to show you how easy button making is.


And, now, here’s Willow.


While we can’t condone the underage activities in these videos – just look how easy it is to make a button using an American Button Machine. Please exercise caution & common sense by not allowing children under the age of 12 to operate the button makers without first having them hermetically sealed . 🙂

If you have any questions, please leave them below.

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

ABM Update: New sizes now available for the super popular Dynamo hand-held punch cutter.

You asked and we are delivering!

A few months ago we began offering a hand-held punch cutter for 1” buttons.  Right out of the gate we were getting requests for larger sizes.  Well, the wait is over – say hello to the Dynamo Hand-Held Graphic Punch Cutter for 1.25” AND  1.5” buttons! Continue reading

Surprise your special someone with a heart-shaped button for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is almost exactly a month away.

That’s right, you’ve barely had a chance to take a breath from the wild and crazy Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years triumverate that ends the year before the first big holiday of the new year is just around the corner. (And, *ahem*, guys…we’re really talking to you here. We know the ladies know that Valentine’s Day is on its way. So make sure that you do too.)

The question is: what can you do for your special someone this year that will be sweet, sentimental, and original? Luckily, we’re here to help. And the answer is our heart accent rings, which enable you to make lovely heart-shaped buttons for Valentine’s Day!

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Introducing the Dynamo Hand-Held Graphic Punch Cutter

There are few moments that bring us more genuine excitement than introducing a new feature or product.

Recently, we’ve introduced new features like this super-special PayPal checkout option (with no payments and no interest for 6 months!) and new products like the ultra-fun and versatile Magneta-Snaps™ and Clix™.

And today, we have another new product to introduce.

Say hello to the Dynamo Hand-Held Graphic Punch Cutter!

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ABM Video Series: How to Make Versa-Back Buttons

It is with tearful eyes and a plaintive heart that I come to you today.

You may be wondering, why? How could one be immersed in the wonderful world of buttons and yet filled with and overwhelming sense of sadness?

Well I will tell you: we have now reached the end of our ABM Video Series.

I know, I know. Here, have one of these.

I realize that we all wanted the joy and inspiration of the video series to go on forever; but alas, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

So let’s all compose ourselves and give our full, undivided attention to the latest and great, the last but not the least, the fun final finale…yes, ladies and gentleman, the versa-back button.

More specifically, how to make one.

By now you know the drill. The video is embedded below and we have taken the liberty of also including step-by-step directions for you to follow. All of our machines and suggested procedures are simple and easy to follow, but we leave nothing to chance or to the imagination.

So enjoy embarking on your final journey in the ABM Video Series. We shall miss her once she’s gone, but just remember that you can always visit her again with this link.

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ABM Video Series: How to Prepare and Cut Circular Button Graphics

Many times, button making projects involve the creation of bulk sums of buttons. Sure, every now and then you make 5-10 at a time for a small, specific purpose; but, most of the time you are making hundreds or even thousands of buttons and want to make sure that you are being as efficient as possible.

Today’s entry in the ABM Video Series aims to provide useful step-by-step info and a visual tutorial that will help you prepare circular button graphics when you are doing a bulk project.

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ABM Video Series: How to Create Ponytail Holder Buttons

As we continue our one-by-one journey through the tutorial videos that we have posted on our button making videos page, today’s video involves the creation of ponytail buttons.

The beautiful thing about making ponytail buttons is that the process for making them is very similar to the process for making any type of button, as you will see in the video below.

Here is the main difference: our ponytail kits include an eyelet that is easily inserted into the back of the button. This eyelet then allows you to easily add an elastic ponytail cord.

When you watch the video, you’ll see just how uncomplicated these additional steps are.

Follow the link for more information about purchasing our ponytail sets, which will allow you to start creating and customizing your own ponytail buttons today!

Video: How to Make Ponytail Buttons

[flv: 350 250]

Brighid Brown – Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM