ABM Video Series: How to Operate a High Volume Die Cutting Press

Welcome to the third installment of our video series. We’re happy to have you back! Previously, we described and showed you videos on how to make a one inch button and how to use an adjustable circle cutter to cut out an individual graphic for a single button.

Now, the question you may be asking yourself after watching those two videos is, what do I do if I want to make a whole bunch of buttons? Do I have to use the adjustable circle cutter to cut out each graphic individually?

And the answer, of course, would be no. To be more specific, the answer is the high volume die cuttingĀ press that we offer at American Button Machines.

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ABM Video Series: How to Cut Circular Button Graphics Using an Adjustable Rotary Circle Cutter

We began our video series with a quick tutorial showing you how easy it is to use a button machine to make a button. Video #2 in the series is going to show you just how easy it is to create perfectly circular graphics for your buttons using our adjustable rotary circle cutter.

Before we get to the video, a few quick highlights about the adjustable circle cutter:

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ABM Video Series: How to Make a 1 Inch Button

Today we are starting a new series here at the The Button Blog that will feature the many button making how-to videos we have created in the past. In our effort to be outlandishly creative, we are going out on a huge limb to title this series featuring videos…the ABM Video Series.

In the video below, you will see the short, sweet, and easy process for taking a set of button supplies and making a wonderful little 1 inch button.

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New Build-a-Button Tutorial: Layers and Color Picker

We’ve posted a new tutorial to help you better utilize the Build-a-Button Online Design Center!

This tutorial walks you through the layer capabilities of the Build-a-Button Online Design Center, as well as the color picker function that allows you to create a custom color from any pixel on the screen.


To see all of our Build-a-Button tutorials, click here.

Brighid Brown – Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

ABM Template Tutorial Video Series: Copying an Individual Button Graphic Across a Single Page

Over the last several weeks, we have posted four videos designed to assist you in creating circular button graphics ready to be printed and turned into whatever kind of button your heart desires.

You can find these button making tutorials at the following links:

What each video does is show you the step-by-step process for creating a machine-ready graphic. However, what the videos don’t show you is how to maximize the space of your paper by turning one graphic into an efficiently spaced page full of as many individual graphics as will fit.

But have no fear…we’ve got you covered.

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