1” Metal Flatback and 1” Medallion… How are they different?

What is a metal fatback? What is a plastic medallion button? How are they different and what can you use them for? It is confusing, why do you offer both styles?  What is a crimp die adapter used for? We get these questions quite frequently so we thought we would put together a quick history and tutorial for our followers.

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5 Things to Know About Ceramic Magnets

Here at ABM Headquarters, we love the month of March. Not only because winter is almost over but because it also signifies the start of March Madness, the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Every year we like to do our own hat tip to the tournament and begin our own March Magnets!  This year we are doing a blog series on the different types of button making magnets we offer and how you can use them.

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Introducing the Dynamo Hand-Held Graphic Punch Cutter

There are few moments that bring us more genuine excitement than introducing a new feature or product.

Recently, we’ve introduced new features like this super-special PayPal checkout option (with no payments and no interest for 6 months!) and new products like the ultra-fun and versatile Magneta-Snaps™ and Clix™.

And today, we have another new product to introduce.

Say hello to the Dynamo Hand-Held Graphic Punch Cutter!

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Pre-Release New Product Announcement: Magneta-Snaps™ Interchangeable Jewelry

2012 is already off to a rip-roaring start and we aren’t even out the first month yet. We already launched the new and improved Build-a-Button Online Design Center, and now we are happy to announce another new product that we are adding to ever-growing line of button making machines, supplies, and accessories.

Coming this February, we will be introducing ABM’s very own line of Magneta-Snaps’ Interchangeable Jewelry, or simply Magneta-Snaps for short.

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Introducing New Button Product #3: Button Bracelets!

We are now on new button product #2 out of the six we promised you a couple months ago. We have already discussed button display racks and deluxe foam discs, and now it is time for an even more exciting new product…if you can believe it!

Well, believe it, because we are introducing into the button marketplace a product never-before-seen at the 1″ size: button bracelets.

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Introducing 1 inch Ponytail Sets!

When ancient man needed to find a more efficient mode of transportation, it resulted in the invention of the wheel in Mesopotamia around the 5th millenium B.C.

When colonial American man needed a way to light dark rooms other than the candle, it led to the inspiration of that famous stormy night in Philadelphia and, ultimately, the invention of electricity.

And when society was plagued by loaf after loaf of frustratingly unsliced bread, it led to what was, at the time, the greatest invention in the history of the world and perhaps the entire universe. Yes, you know of what I am speaking: sliced bread.

But today, ladies and gentleman of the buttonsphere, is truly a landmark day. Why? Because no longer will great things be called “the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

1 inch ponytail sets - 1" ponytail holdersNo, there is now an even greater discovery, a greater invention, that surpasses even the previously peerless greatness of sliced bread. Thus, henceforth, whenever something great or fantabulous happens, you will now all be compelled to use the phrase in its new incarnation:

…”the greatest thing since 1″ ponytail holders.”

That’s right folks, the long anticipated day is here: 1″ ponytail holders are are now a reality.

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