Magneta-Snaps™ and Clix™: The Era of Interchangeable Magnetic Jewelry Is Here!

When we told you about Magneta-Snaps™ interchangeable magnetic jewelry a month ago, teasing its planned introduction this month, we said the following:

2012 is already off to a rip-roaring start and we aren’t even out the first month yet…and now we are happy to announce another new product that we are adding to ever-growing line of button making machines, supplies, and accessories.

You see, we fibbed a little.

Because we aren’t just introducing one new product this month. We aren’t even introducing two new products this month. Nope.

Right here, today, we are introducing three new products to the ABM line that will knock your socks off (or “unstrap your sandals,” should you not be a shoe person – in which case you better not be a socks person!)

In addition to Magneta-Snaps™ we also quite excited to introduce Clix™ bracelets and pendants.

You’re going to love these products.

Since you already know about Magneta-Snaps™ we’ll save them for last. Let’s dive right into Clix™.

Clix™ Pendants and Bracelets

The single coolest thing about Clix™ magnetic interchangeable jewelry is that they have a magnet integrated right into the pendant.

What does this mean? Convenience and cost savings, of course!

Take a look at the pendants and you’ll see what we mean:


With Clix™, you do not have to buy nor affix a magnet to the pendant. You just create your 1″ flat back buttons, snap them in, and you’re good to go!

In addition to the pendants, which you can easily hang off a necklace, we have  Clix bracelet blanks that enable you to easily incorporate your favorite 1″ buttons into a stylish bracelet.

clix-braceletTo learn about and purchase the Clix™ pendants and bracelets, use the following links:

Magneta-Snaps™ Interchangeable Pendants

In the excitement of Clix™, don’t forget about the original interchangeable magnetic jewelry addition to the ABM line.

Magneta-Snaps™ are high-quality, nickel-free silver tone interchangeable magnetic pendants into which you can easily snap any 1″ button.

All you do is design and press a 1″ button like you normally would, add a standard or ceramic magnet to the back of the button, then effortlessly snap it into the Magneta-Snaps™ pendant.

That’s it!


We can’t wait to see all of the wonderfully exciting things that you all do with these new products, which are an absolute must-own for anyone who makes 1″ buttons even occasionally.

Happy snapping and clicking!

Brighid Brown – Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM