Pre-Release New Product Announcement: Magneta-Snaps™ Interchangeable Jewelry

2012 is already off to a rip-roaring start and we aren’t even out the first month yet. We already launched the new and improved Build-a-Button Online Design Center, and now we are happy to announce another new product that we are adding to ever-growing line of button making machines, supplies, and accessories.

Coming this February, we will be introducing ABM’s very own line of Magneta-Snaps’ Interchangeable Jewelry, or simply Magneta-Snaps for short.

magneta-snap-interchangeable-jewelryThe reason why we are so excited about Magneta-Snaps™ is because they are fun, versatile, and practical. They are also incredibly simple to make and use.

All you do is design and press a 1″ button like you normally would, add a standard magnet or  ceramic magnet to the back of the button, then effortlessly snap it into the Magneta-Snap™ pendant.

The ease with which you can make the button, then snap it in and snap it out, makes it simple to change what design you’re displaying based on your style or mood for the day.

The Magneta-Snaps are only for 1″ buttons, and as you know there are so many possibilities with the 1″ variety. They are great for artistic designs, photos, and even monogrammed buttons.

As for the pendant, we will be starting off with the silver pendant and expect various other pendant styles to come down the road.

We have enjoyed whetting your craft-loving appetite with this post. And don’t worry: as soon as the Magneta-Snaps are ready for sales, we’ll post here, tweet about it, Facebook about it, and make sure you can get your hands on them as soon as humanly possible.

Brighid Brown – Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM