How to Wear a Button Without Pins! or Mag Tags – What are they?

Last week we began our month long series on March Magnets and focused on our super-strong  Ceramic Magnets.

This week we are focusing on customer inquiries and here is one from the frequent flier file. How can I wear a button without putting a hole in my shirt? Or, sweater or coat or, well you get the idea. The answer is… drum roll please… Mag Tags. Never heard of them? Well then, you’re in for a treat.

Mag Tags are the coolest little gadgets. We have two styles available to fit most any need. The Triple Play Mag Tags are rectangular, contain 3 super strong magnets and are designed for larger buttons, 2.25” and up.

Magtag Triple Play



Round Mag Tags are .75” in diameter and contain one incredibly strong magnet that fits the smaller buttons.

Magtag Round Badge Magnet

Both MagTag versions come in two pieces. The first piece contains the strong magnets. The second piece is an adhesive backed plate used to stick to non-magnetized items such as a plastic name tag.  Since buttons are made out of metal, the magnets naturally attract to the back of a button so you do not need to use the adhesive backed plate unless you want to.

They work like this:
1. Adhere the metal plate (if desired) to the back of your button.
2. Place the magnetic piece inside your shirt, sweater or under jacket collar.
3. Place the button on the outside of above mentioned garment and let the magnet work its magic.
4. Answer everyone’s question as to where you got such a fantastic button!

In short, adding one of these little beauties to your pinback button means never having to put a hole in your clothes again. And it doesn’t get much better than that.

Until next time, Happy Button Making!

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By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM