American Button Machines Review: Dynamo Hand-Held Punch Cutter

American Button Machines Review Dynamo Punch Cutter

Dynamo Hand-Held Punch Cutter Specs

Dimensions: 8.5×2.5×3.5
Weight: .95 lbs (less than a pound)
Material Type: Metal
Used For: Punch graphics for 1” buttons. Final graphic cutting size is 1.313”.
Current Price: $74.95

American Button Machines Review

Of the many tools we offer at American Button Machines, the Dynamo Hand-Held Punch Cutter is one of the easiest to use and most lightweight. This special punch cutter combines the best aspects of two already great products, borrowing precision from the heavy-duty tabletop punch cutter and lightweight portability from the adjustable circle cutter. Even better, it’s less expensive than both those tools. Continue reading