March Madness? How About…March Magnets!?

As you may have noticed, the calendar recently flipped to March. For sports fans, that means one thing: March Madness!

March Madness is, of course, the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Played over the course of three weekends, it is renowned for drama, Cinderella stories, and some of the most exciting finishes sports has to offer.

But we have something even more exciting planned for March. Well, maybe it’s not quite that exciting, but I bet some of you will definitely like it more than basketball:

March Magnets!

Here’s how March Magnets will work: if you buy 100 1” magnet sets, you will receive a free Magneta-Snap pendant (normally $11.95). All you have to do is enter code MSP at checkout!

We know how many of you are curious about the Magneta-Snap pendants that have taken the ABM world by storm. This is a great way for you to be able to try them out when you get a product that has so many varied uses, like the magnets.

And note: we are setting up March Magnets specifically as a way to thank those of you who read our blogs, subscribe to our newsletters, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. So…thank you!

And what can you do with your magnets and Magneta-Snap pendant? Well, why not combined March Madness and March Magnets? Create a 1″ button for your favorite team, slap a magnet on the back of it, and then snap it right into the pendant for wearing on a necklace. You’re ready to support your team!

Which brings up a great question: who is your favorite team? Anyone have an especially strong rooting interest this March?


Brighid Brown – Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM