Ceramic Magnets v Peel and Stick Magnets: Which One Is Right For You?

Magnets are great, and they are great for a variety of reasons:

  1. They are fun and functional.
  2. They can be great memory keepsakes.
  3. They are easy to make.
  4. They are inexpensive mementos.
  5. They are typically rich with extraordinarily large net worths.

Oops…I seem to have mixed up magnet with magnate.

But those two words are not as unrelated as you might think. Check out the Wikipedia definition of a magnate:

Magnate, from the Late Latin magnas, a great man, itself from Latin magnus ‘great’, designates a noble or other man in a high social position, by birth, wealth or other qualities.

Hmm, so a magnate is somebody great. Then that must mean that a magnet is something great! Do you follow my etymylogical reasoning here? No? Okay, good…because there is no etymylogical reasoning going on. This is just my long and drawn out way of saying what I already said in the first line of this post: magnets are great!

So, with that being said, the next question you must ask yourself is which type of magnet is greater for the purposes of whatever project you are working on. And that is why today we are going to break down the differences between two very distinct types of magnets:

  1. Peel and stick magnets
  2. Ceramic magnets

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Monogrammed Belt Buckles: Fun, Easy, and Inexpensive

When I say “belt buckles” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

(And if you don’t say “Texas” or “cowboy” or some synonym of either, I am calling you out right here and now for lying!)

Well the truth is that belt buckles’ reputation for simply being an accessory for snakeskin boots and ten gallon hats is far too narrow to actually represent reality. You don’t have to live on a ranch or make garish spectacles with your wardrobe to have a little fun and customize a belt buckle.

More and more people these days are finding understated yet fun and personalized ways to dress up their belt buckles. How do we know this? Because of the consistent stream of requests we get from visitors to our website who inquire about monogrammed belt buckles.

And in our unyielding quest to give our customers what they desire, we have joyfully taken the plunge into the wonderful world of monogrammed belt buckles.

And here is the best part from your perspective: it is not that expensive nor difficult for you to take the monogrammed belt buckle plunge yourself.

Here is how it works:

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Monogrammed Badge Reels Are Customized, Personalized, and Make ID’ing Yourself Fun!

We’re back!

After a brief hiatus, we are back with fresh content here at The Button Blog. And today, we are going to veer in a direction that we have not veered in since launching the blog: badge reels.

Badge reels are small round devices with a retractable cord that attach to an ID badge. And as we have become well aware through our many customers who have ordered badge reels, there are myriad jobs for which you might need an ID badge: working in a hospital, government jobs, working in the media, etc.

If you are constantly using your ID badge to gain access to different rooms or areas, it makes sense to have a reliable and convenient tool to help you keep tabs on it.

If you are unfamiliar with customized badge reels, here is a picture:

badge reels - monogrammed badge reels

Most people wear their badge reels on a pocket, collar, or belt, thus allowing them to have access to their ID badge at all times without worrying about losing it. The retractable cord allows you to quickly pull your badge out for display or swiping, and then quickly retract it back to its resting position.

The great part about monogrammed badge reels and other customized and personalized badge reels, like the one you can make using our badge reel products, is that you can add a little personality and flair to the tool you are using to identify yourself with.

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