Button Maker Manufacturing Quality Comparison: America v China

So far this week here at The Button Blog we have discussed myths about Chinese 3-in-1 button makers, provided a price comparison between American-made all-in-one button making kits and Chinese all-in-one button making machines, and contrasted the great usability and design of American-made button makers with their Chinese-made counterparts.

Today, in the final installment of our four-part, weeklong lesson on the differences between American-made button machines and Chinese-made button machines, we are going to discuss the significant differences in manufacturing quality.

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Button Blog Update: New Posts Coming!

Hello there fellow button makers! We have not posted on The Button Blog since the Button University series ended, so I wanted to explain the short hiatus…because more posts are on their way.

For a long time we have received inquiries about the differences between American-made button maker systems and the 3-in-1 (or all-in-one) button makers manufactured in China. In an effort to provide a substantial and detailed response to these questions, we have been hard at work preparing some content around this topic. The articles are currently in the editing and staging phase and will be posted in various forms both here at the button blog and at the American Button Machines main website.

So stay tuned, because more content is coming. And if, for some reason, you come to the end of this post and just happen to be in the planning stage of a button making project and looking for a little guidance as to what button sizes you should choose, hop on over to the main website for our newest page about button sizes; or stay right here and read the button sizes post we did during the Button University series.

We’ll see you soon!

Brighid Brown – Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM